Frequently Asked Questions

Why Executive?
Getting Started
What's Included?
How to Personalize?
Building Experience
Warranty & Value
Why Choose Executive Homes?
  • What makes Executive distinctive?
  • How long has Executive been building?
  • What are Executive's designations and certifications?
  • Does Executive offer guaranteed pricing?
  • What quality is guaranteed?
Getting Started
  • How to get started?
  • Do I need to obtain a construction loan?
  • Is earnest money needed to secure my home?
  • Where does Executive build?
  • Can Executive's floor plans be modified?
What's Included?
  • What's included in the list price?
  • Is the lot included in the price?
  • Will the finishes seen in a model be included in my home?
  • What appliances and fixtures are included?
  • What energy-efficiency features are included?
How to Personalize?
  • What personalized selections are included?
  • What upgrades are available?
  • When do personalizations or upgrades need to be decided?
  • Do renderings depict the actual home?
  • Can a pool be installed during construction?
Building Experience
  • What's the average build time?
  • Will I be able to visit the home during construction?
  • Who will I communicate with during the build?
  • Who will be overseeing the construction of my home?
  • How does the closing process work?
Warranty & Value
  • Does Executive offer a warranty?
  • What if I experience an emergency warranty issue?
  • How well do Executive's homes hold their value?
  • Does Executive price homes by the square foot?
  • Does Executive ever lower its prices?