The Executive Guarantee

As the largest builder in the Tulsa area, our homebuilding experience offers unique and unmatched guarantees. From your locked-in price to always-included premium finishes, our guaranteed building program is designed to make your new home experience as streamlined and enjoyable as possible.  


Since closing our first home in 2011, more than 200 of our homeowners have sold their Executive home for an average profit of more than $51,785 (as of July 2023) - many of those have experienced amazing six-figure profits! With more than 90% of our homeowners earning a profit when selling their home, buying an Executive home has proven time and again to be an incredible investment. 

The exceptional value experienced by our homeowners is a product of our unmatched guarantees. Most notably, our guaranteed pricing often results in our homeowners walking into extraordinary equity immediately upon closing - while costs go up, your price is fully locked in. Browse the Our Homes page to find your new home or Contact Us to learn more! 


Resale- .jpgWhen building with Executive Homes, your purchase price is FULLY GUARANTEED. Once your two-page Purchase Agreement is signed, your price is locked and will NOT change if material or labor costs increase after signing.

Our plain-language Purchase Agreement incorporates very few allowance items (which relate to lot prep) and NEVER includes escalation clauses or other hidden terms that most builders use to raise your price or terminate your contract if material and labor costs increase. Other builders, both big and small, have relied on these contract provisions to raise their customers’ price $50,000 and more over the past year, or cancel the agreement if the customer (understandably) refused to pay the increased cost. Unlike those builders, when building with us you can rest easy knowing your price is protected against cost increases during construction other than the limited allowance items. 


In addition to guaranteeing your price, your home is GUARANTEED to be loaded with premium finishes and features. Unlike other large builders, you won’t need to “upgrade” to the finishes seen in the model. You also won’t be surprised with “design center” upcharges. Instead, to make the experience as easy as possible, everything you see inside the model, from the wood floors to the trim-cased windows, will be included in your home (other than the blinds, fridge, and washer/dryer).Features.jpg


Your home is GUARANTEED to be built to the same building standards as each of our model homes. Your Purchase Agreement will incorporate specific performance standards to provide assurance that every item will be consistent with quality seen in our other homes. Our experienced team will complete hundreds of checklist items during construction to ensure every detail meets these guaranteed standards. We've also developed a proprietary algorithm that schedules and manages each construction job so the superintendent overseeing your home can fully focus on completing our extensive quality assurance checklists instead of wasting time with mundane administrative tasks. 


We utilize the same building program for each of the 500+ homes we build each year. During construction, we’ll keep you up to speed with 20+ status updates loaded with information about that stage of construction, what to expect during the upcoming stages, and an estimated closing date so you can prepare for your move.



After closing, your new home will be covered under our one-year warranty. Our team will be happy to assist with any warranty items that might arise, and we’re generally able to provide same-day service for any emergency items that might pop up.

CONTACT US now to schedule your private tour and to learn more about these amazing guarantees.