Homes Designed to Conserve Energy and Your Money, Guaranteed

Executive Homes is the only NAHB Certified Green Professional™ among the top 35 volume builders in eastern Oklahoma! The Certified Green Professional™ designation “recognizes builders who incorporate green and sustainable building principles into homes — without driving up the cost of construction.” This is a standard you can count on in each Executive Home – premium energy efficiency at an unbeatable price!

“Slab to Roof” Commitment 

Insulation-1-768x740.jpgWe take a holistic approach to energy efficiency, and include high-performance “slab to roof” features in each home we build. These features include: R-5 perimeter slab insulation, spray foam insulation on exterior walls, double-paned “low-e” windows with argon gas to limit energy emittance, Trane 16 SEER air conditioning unit, Trane 95% efficient furnace, blown-in attic insulation with a 38 R-Value, and solar board roof decking.

In addition to these top-of-the-line features, Executive engages a Denver-based energy firm to perform a J-Calc to determine the HVAC tonnage needed for optimal performance. We also retain a local third-party energy rating firm to inspect each home after insulation and again before closing to confirm the home performs up to our exacting energy-efficiency standards. After rigorous testing, the energy rater assigns a rating to each home based upon the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index.

What is the HERS Index?

The HERS Index is a scoring system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) – it’s the “industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured.” RESNET describes the HERS score “as a sort of miles-per-gallon sticker for houses.” It provides prospective buyers and homeowners with an objective measurement of a home’s energy performance compared to a “Reference Home,” which is “a design modeled home of the same size and shape as the actual home.”

Obtaining a HERS Rating requires “the most in-depth energy performance assessment of a home that you’ll find.” To calculate the rating, the RESNET accredited energy rater inspects each of our homes twice to measure its energy characteristics, such as insulation levels, foam-sealed wood penetrations, the solar heat gain coefficient of all windows, wall-to-window ratios, HVAC system efficiency, and the solar orientation of the home. The energy rater also performs a blower door test after the home is constructed to measure door and duct leakage. Compared to typical new home duct leakage of 15-25%, Executive’s homes are certified to have no more than 4% duct leakage. All of those factors are carefully considered when calculating the HERS rating and estimating the home’s utility cost savings.

Understanding the Scoring System


The HERS scoring system is very easy to interpret and apply. On the HERS Rating Index, the Reference Home is the benchmark standard for new homes and scores 100, while a theoretical net-zero home that produces as much energy as it consumes scores a perfect 0 (such as homes outfitted with solar panels). Most existing homes do not meet the specifications outlined in the International Energy Conservation Code and score between 130 and 150.

The HERS rating has an inverse relationship to a home’s energy efficiency, where every point below 100 represents a one percent improvement in energy efficiency. Thus, the lower a home’s HERS rating, the more energy efficient it is. For example, homes qualify for EnergyStar® certification with a HERS rating of 85, meaning they are 15% more efficient than a standard new home and 45% more efficient than a typical resale home.

Executive, however, never settles for typical or standard. Our dedication to energy efficiency delivers homes that consistently score between 46 and 52 on the HERS Index. That means our homes are 33-39% more efficient than EnergyStar® homes, 48-54% more efficient than standard new homes, and 78-84% more efficient than typical resale homes! This exceptional efficiency results in many of our clients experiencing lower utility costs compared to their previous homes.

Take it to the Bank!

3324-E-145th-Cir-S_-15-1600x1067.jpgThe HERS rating is the gold-standard measurement of a home’s energy efficiency and estimate of utility cost savings. For example, HUD estimates annual utility cost savings of Energy Star® homes at $200-400. However, based on our fantastic HERS Ratings, RESNET estimates that Executive’s clients will receive annual utility cost savings of $1,250-1,800! So, the high-performance features standardly included in your Executive Home will help conserve energy and your money. Win, win!

Knowledge of the HERS Rating Index provides you with excellent insight into the energy performance and savings you can expect when living in the home. We know energy efficiency is a crucial consideration when purchasing a home, so we conveniently display the HERS Rating Certificate on the garage breaker box in each of our homes, and on each home’s webpage. Don’t forget to check out the HERS Rating during each stop of your home search!